I am feeling very frustrated with one aspect of my new and lovely Mighty Mouse. I cannot figure out HOW to get the right click to access those Windows right-click tricks I’ve come to rely on–namely, copy and paste. It’s driving me nuts. As much as I love the look of the mouse, and I really like that tiny little scroll wheel, I may have to go with some other, less beautiful solution if I can’t find the secret to making the right click work as I am used to. If you are a Mac addict who knows the secret to this, PLEASE let me know!

Otherwise, I think my new beautimous iMac is just about as lovely as a computer can possibly be. Those Mac designers know a thing or ten about aesthetics. It’s just such a gorgeous machine. I know, I’m gushing.

Update: The right click does work…sometimes. And sometimes, no matter how I hold my mouth and even if I’m not so much as touching ANYTHING to the left side of the mouse, I get nothing. Oh well–so much for form over function.

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